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Heidelberg 6

New six ramps production capacity
In 2005 we replaced our seven year old Heidelberg Speedmaster (SM) 52-5 with a new six colour SM 52 press with high pile delivery, the first six... More>>

Cornerstone Press Premises

Move pays off with better facilities, throughput
In 2005 Cornerstone moved to new premises in Northgate at the same time commissioning a new six-colour press. The move has given owner Peter... More>>

Heidelberg 6

A3 efficiencies making inroads
The latest technology in A3 offset printing is giving digital a run for its money and also taking a fair share of work from the A2 end of town. More>>

PICA Awards
The Queensland PICAs recognise excellence in printing and graphic arts in Queensland across a wide range of technologies and skills. The event... More>>

New CD74-6 replaces CD74-5 2008 More>>