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New six ramps production capacity

Heidelberg's Jim Darcy with Peter and Robbie Conomos.
In 2005 we replaced our seven year old Heidelberg Speedmaster (SM) 52-5 with a new six colour SM 52 press with high pile delivery, the first six colour 52 to be installed in Australia.

“The two features that really sold me were the Vario dampening, and the ink unit temperature control,” said owner Peter Conomos. The continuous dampening system Alcolor has been optioned with the Vario function, allowing for hickeys to be removed from the printing plate during the production run. This enhances print quality and minimizes waste.

Heidelberg 6

Optioning the press with ink temperature control was an excellent way to go, from both a cost and production perspective. This option allows the press to maintain optimum print quality day or night, winter or summer, thus minimising start-up times and reducing waste.